February 15, 2009

Noah Wyle to return to ‘ER’

Actor Noah Wyle said the character he will reprise on ER best personified the U.S. TV drama, now in its final episodes.

Wyle, 37, said his ER character, Dr. John Carter, went through the same emotions and reactions during his 11 seasons of the hit NBC series that the show's fans were meant to feel, the New York Post reported Sunday.

It certainly wasn't shot from Carter's point of view, but what he was witnessing and responding to was an indicator of what the audience was supposed to be responding to as well, Wyle said.

Now Wyle, who was member of the original ER cast that debuted with the1994 pilot 24 Hours, will appear on the series once again as part of the drama's final season.

Wyle's character makes his Season 15 appearance Thursday, becoming the most recent ER alum to revisit the show prior to its final episode on April 2, the Post said.

Other past cast members who have made guest appearances this season include Anthony Edwards, William H. Macy, Paul McCrane and Laura Innes.