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February 17, 2009

BARCELONA, Mobile World Congress, February 17 /PRNewswire/ –

– Push Windows Live Hotmail to Your Mobile Device With Emoze

Emoze now offers more than 260 million active Windows Live Hotmail users
the ultimate mobile messaging service currently being enjoyed by webmail
users and it’s as simple as 1-2-3! Download Emoze to your mobile device,
configure your Windows Live Hotmail account and start enjoying revolutionary,
true, push email services immediately.

Windows Live Hotmail users can now experience the ultimate in mobile
messaging. Available on the broadest range of mobile devices, from
smartphones to simple phones (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and
more), Emoze is easy, affordable and fun to use. Featuring the most advanced
graphics with great animations and really cool themes it has intuitive
interfaces, which mimics the look and feel of Windows Live Hotmail experience
already familiar on your PC.

“We are determined to ‘push’ forward and continuously expand Emoze’s
mass-market messaging uptake,” said Eitan Linker, Emoze CEO. “Our solution is
a win-win for handset vendors, operators and end users alike. The addition of
Windows Live Hotmail proves once again that Emoze is not just a technology,
but a lifestyle!”

Emoze gives everyone the freedom to truly balance their lifestyle by
turning one mobile device into an entire communication center. Install your
family, business, personal Windows Live Hotmail, other web-based accounts and
even social media, like Facebook, all on the same device.

Share information in real-time to respond faster, handle problems better
and make quicker, more fitting decisions while on the go, without the
necessity of carrying a dozen different devices. No longer deskbound, read,
reply, view attachments while in a taxi, on a train or anywhere else, with no
need to seek out wireless resources. Depending on the mobile device and
carrier’s data plan, it is even possible to manage contacts, personal
information and calendar entries, offering everyone the opportunity to stay
in touch with family, friends and colleagues all the time.

Synchronization and security are high priorities and users can rest
assured that Emoze delivers every email in the safest, most secure manner,
employing compression and encryption to provide the highest level of
security. In addition, Emoze never stores email on a 3rd party server.
Messaging is pushed only when the mobile device is open and ready to receive.
Emoze push mail mobility is cost efficient as there is no need for the device
to continuously poll the server. Email, events and attachments are pushed as
they arrive and transmissions are optimized to conserve batteries and
minimize data charges.

Join the revolution today and step up to the highest level of mobile
communication available. Visit http://www.emoze.com or navigate on your
web-enabled handset to https://emoze.com to download Emoze. The online wizard
will guide you on your journey to install Emoze and to go e-mobile with
Windows Live Hotmail on your handset, Anytime, Anywhere!

About Emoze

Founded in 2006, Emoze is revolutionizing the way people communicate.
Enabling users from all walks of life to turn their mobile device into a
fully functional personal communication buddy, Emoze’s proprietary messaging
technologies are patent-pending worldwide and are specifically designed to
provide a seamless and secure messaging experience across all types of
networks. Emoze engineers have developed real push-event technology
delivering real-time, secure mobile synchronization with optimum settings
conserving battery and power for device and cost efficiency. Emoze is part of
the Emblaze Group (LSE: BLZ).

    For more information, please visit http://www.emoze.com.

    Europe media contact:

    Holly Linnell

    Company contact:

    Caron Tal

    Reader contact information:

    Emoze Ltd., Emblaze House, 1 Emblaze Square, Industrial Area, Raanana
    43662, P.O. Box 2220 Israel, Tel: +972-9-769-9770 Fax: +972-9-769-9588,


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