February 17, 2009

Director: Chan flick too bloody for China

The director of Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident says he thinks the new Chinese-language movie is too violent to be released in China.

ANI quoted filmmaker Derek Yee as saying he doesn't think the picture violates China's strict censorship laws, but it might be too disturbing for audiences in a country that has no film ratings or age restrictions for attendance at the cinema.

We tried to cut the violent scenes to meet the requirements of the Chinese market, but producers I invited to watch that version thought it was incomplete. For us, the problem was just the violence, the Daily Express quoted Yee as saying.

Yee said Chan, who helped finance the movie, agrees with him.

Shinjuku Incident is to be released in Chan's native Hong Kong and Southeast Asia in April, and in Japan the following month, ANI said.