February 18, 2009

TLC not planning octuplet mom show

The president of the The Learning Channel says Nadya Suleman, the California woman who recently gave birth to octuplets, won't be getting her own TLC show.

Suleman, who is single and unemployed, has been criticized for having eight babies through in vitro fertilization when she already has six young children at home and receives food stamps.

TLC is not pursuing any program at this time with Nadya Suleman, TLC's Eileen O'Neill told Us Weekly in a statement. We wish the family well.

The network had initially said it was watching how the Suleman story unfolded to see if there was the potential for a television series. TLC is the home of Jon and Kate Plus 8, a reality show about a family with sextuplets.

The Web site by which Suleman had been soliciting donations was also recently shut down because of alleged death threats, Usmagazine.com said.