Wright Group/McGraw-Hill Updates UCSMP Advanced Algebra With 3rd Edition

February 19, 2009

CHICAGO, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Wright Group/McGraw-Hill has begun publishing the third edition of UCSMP Advanced Algebra. Appropriate for Grade Levels 10-12, UCSMP Advanced Algebra emphasizes facility with algebraic expressions and forms, especially linear and quadratic forms, powers and roots, and functions based on these concepts. Students study logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial, and other special functions both for their abstract properties and as tools for modeling real-world situations.

The student edition and volume 1 of the teacher materials will be available for purchase by February 2009 with volume 2 being available by Spring 2009.

Mathematics education experts at the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project developed UCSMP Advanced Algebra and the full line of UCSMP secondary math programs through 24 years of research and testing. The latest third edition curriculum emphasizes problem-solving, everyday applications, the use of technology, and reading, while helping students develop and maintain basic skills.

Wright Group offers the most seamless approach to math education, providing both the standards-based UCSMP secondary math programs along with UCSMP’s popular Everyday Mathematics(R) Pre-K-6 program. The line of UCSMP secondary math programs includes:

  • Pre-Transition Mathematics (Grades 6-7)
  • Transition Mathematics (Grades 7-8)
  • Algebra (Grades 8-10)
  • Geometry (Grades 9-11)
  • Advanced Algebra (Grades 10-12)
  • Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry (Grades 11-12)
  • Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics (Grades 11-12)

Teachers using UCSMP Advanced Algebra should ensure a geometry course or its equivalent is a prerequisite, as geometric ideas are utilized throughout. Technology for graphing and CAS technology is assumed to be available to students.

UCSMP Advanced Algebra is a second course in algebra and its applications can be used following any standard geometry course and takes advantage of the geometry students have learned. Students who have studied from UCSMP Geometry tend to be better prepared for the transformation and coordinate geometry they will need in UCSMP Advanced Algebra,” said Dr. Zalman Usiskin, co-author of the UCSMP series. “The new edition of UCSMP Advanced Algebra contains more activities and makes more use of computer algebra systems and other technologies than previous editions. Students who have been successful in UCSMP Advanced Algebra are prepared for the next UCSMP course Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry and other advanced high school mathematics courses.”

About Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill publishes innovative core and supplemental literacy and mathematics programs for differentiated instruction and teacher training in Grades Pre-K-8. The research-based approach, anchored in real-world applications, is based on the assessed needs of students, combining developmentally appropriate materials with explicit outcomes. Wright Group is part of McGraw-Hill Education, a leading global provider of print and digital instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower professionals and students of all ages. McGraw-Hill Education has offices in 33 countries and publishes in more than 60 languages. Additional information is available at MHEducation.com. For more information on Wright Group’s products, call 1-800-648-2970 or visit WrightGroup.com.

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