Monroe Hospital: Laughter is Best Medicine for Unwelcome Publicity

February 19, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ — An error in the most recent
edition of the local AT&T phone book and the Yellow Book directed Monroe
Hospital callers to an entirely different kind of service — an adult
entertainment hotline. And callers who expected to schedule their next
appointment instead found they could get anything they wanted for “$3.99 a
minute,” according to the hotline.

Both an advertisement and a phone number listing in the white pages
featured correct phone numbers. But the number listed in the Yellow Book,
which publishers claim was pulled from a database, leads to very different
results. A Google search for Monroe Hospital also features both the correct
number and the hotline.

The mistake quickly hit local and some national news outlets, including
msnbc.com and the Cartoons/Humor section of the New York Times’ web site. In a
Jan. 13 article in the Bloomington-based Herald-Times, Matthew French, Monroe
Hospital’s vice president of business development and marketing, said the
hospital received numerous calls from local residents since the number was

“Some say they are surprised,” he said. “Others say they want to know how
in the world it happened. We’d like to know as well.” And while the hospital
investigated the source of the error, Monroe CEO Fred Price called on their
advertising agency, Jackson Integrated, to seize the opportunity and publish a
light-hearted, full-page apology ad in the Herald-Times, with the headline
“Here for almost all your needs.”

“While this mishap was out of our control, we do apologize for any offense
or inconvenience anyone may have experienced as a result,” the ad read. “And
we want to remind everyone that we’re in the business of providing patients
with a choice for their emergency, primary and specialized healthcare needs.”
The ad concludes, “So when you want to hear the voice that’s committed to
delivering the highest level of healthcare in the area, please call us. And
for the record, that number is 812-825-1111.”

The apology ad has generated its own buzz over the past few weeks,
inspiring additional press coverage. Images of the aforementioned ad are
available from Jackson Integrated.

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