February 19, 2009

Fairchild mourns loss of Travis the Chimp

Morgan Fairchild says Travis, the chimpanzee shot and killed in Connecticut after he mauled a woman, was a delight to work with on their Old Navy commercials.

It was a really fun set of commercials we did there and he was just a delight. He was just adorable, fun, mischievous, liked to joke around, very, very smart "¦ He was very obedient and it was like having a kid on the set, Fairchild told TV's Inside Edition. I saw no aggressive behavior. I saw an adorable, much younger, smaller, chimpanzee. I read now that he weighed 200 pounds. Believe me, I lifted him in the commercial, and I cannot lift 200 pounds.

The actress went on to say when she heard the story about a chimpanzee attacking the friend of his owner in Connecticut this week, she didn't realize she knew him.

I wish they had used a stun gun ..., Fairchild said. For the lady he attacked, I am so sorry "¦ it's a horrible experience that no one should have to go through. And also the lady who owns him -- it's like a death in the family. He was like a child to her "¦ my sympathies to her, too, for this loss.