February 22, 2009

Models not immune to economic woes

Several fashion models living in Miami say the recession has impacted their industry to the point where work has become sparse.

Miami models Dani Dwyer, 19, and Andrea Milner, 22, said with Irene Marie Models agency closing down and contemplating bankruptcy, they have struggled to find work, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

The models had been accustomed to having little to no free time as a result of their blossoming fashion careers but now are forced to limit their spending, particularly when it comes to shopping.

''Instead of having a $40 dinner, I'll get $100 worth of groceries to last me the week,'' Dwyer said of her financial troubles. "And I'm not buying as much.''

''I am going shopping less, too,'' Milner said in agreement. "I love shopping. This year, I've only gotten three pairs of shoes.''

Male models such as Samuel Johnson are also feeling the economic pinch caused in part by slashed newspaper and magazine revenues, the Herald reported.

''In 2007, it was supposed to be slow, but I was doing great,'' Johnson told the newspaper. "This year, I'm broke as a joke.''