The Year of the Beard: Cleveland Man Takes on Hairy Challenge for Local Charity

March 3, 2009

CLEVELAND, March 3 /PRNewswire/ — For Andy Bindernagel, 2009 is the Year
of the Beard. As 2008 drew to a close and those around him began to plan self-
improvement through New Year’s resolutions, Bindernagel noticed that many
resolutions had a negative tone. Most of them were about stopping, quitting,
or losing something, and Bindernagel wanted to challenge himself by starting
something. So he chose to start growing a beard and continue growing that
beard until the end of 2009. “It seemed more proactive to accomplish a goal
rather than just quit a bad habit. I do realize that this could be considered
quitting shaving,” said Andy. But he prefers not to think of it that way.

What started as a personal challenge quickly evolved into a charity event.
Bindernagel decided to accept donations from those supporting his endeavor and
contribute them to The Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland. The
center is dedicated to freeing people from violence and abuse in their
relationships and homes. “This is a charity I feel very strongly about that
often doesn’t get as much attention as other more ‘glamorous’ charities,” said
Bindernagel. “Studies show that during a recession rates of domestic violence
rise, so now more than ever I wanted to think of a way to help however I
could.” Donations can be made either in a set amount or through a monthly
pledge at http://www.yearofthebeard.com/?page_id=7. All the money collected is
going straight to the Domestic Violence Center.

Bindernagel is chronicling his bearded adventures through his recently
created website, http://www.yearofthebeard.com. On this website, readers can
find Andy’s monthly beard progress pictures, links to beard-related websites,
and images of his favorite fellow beard-bearers; coming soon are interviews
with Cleveland locals eager to discuss their own beards. It’s an entertaining
and lighthearted website designed to draw attention to his charity and create
a community of beard-lovers everywhere.

Two months into 2009, Bindernagel remains committed. “I’ve gotten past the
itchy stage,” he said. “But I think the mustache will become my greatest
enemy.” Despite whatever discomfort he experiences or his much-lamented lack
of cheek hair, Bindernagel is proud to have declared 2009 the Year of the

On Saturday, March 7, 2009, an event supporting Year of the Beard will be
held at McCarthy’s Downtown (http://www.mccarthysdowntown.com) in Cleveland,
, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. The fundraising event is open to all: bearded,
clean shaven, and everything in between. Year of the Beard promises the best
bearded fundraising party the city has ever seen.

Entry to the Saturday night event is free of charge. Donations will be
taken on site; and there will also be a raffle where all proceeds will go to
the charity.

Year of the Beard

Year of the Beard is a website chronicling Andy Bindernagel’s yearlong
dedication to growing a beard in the name of charity. All funds raised will be
donated to The Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland. For more
information regarding Andy’s journey, visit http://www.yearofthebeard.com.
Donations to The Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland can be made by
clicking here: http://www.yearofthebeard.com/?page_id=7.

The Domestic Violence Center

The Domestic Violence Center (DVC), located in Cleveland, Ohio, is the
only agency in Cuyahoga County devoted wholly toward preventing and ending
domestic violence. DVC is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower
individuals, promote justice, and mobilize the community so that all people
are free from violence and abuse in their relationships and homes. Our wide
range of services, including a 24-hour helpline, emergency shelter, justice
system advocacy, counseling, the Latina Project, the Ujima Project, supervised
visitation center, and community education and prevention work to meet the
broad needs of our community. For more information, visit

SOURCE YearOfTheBeard.com

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