Grandma Relives Rollerskating Heyday in Illustrated New Children’s Book

March 4, 2009

Humorous Adventures Based on True Events of Fun-Loving Grandma and Grandchildren Shared

NEW LONDON, Wis., March 4 /PRNewswire/ — To say that you’re only as old as you feel can be true to a fault. Based on her own experiences, Jeanette S. Eggers shares the story of a carefree grandma who tries to relive her rollerskating youth in her humorous new children’s book, “Grandmas Don’t Rollerskate” (published by AuthorHouse), accompanied by playful, full-color illustrations on every page.

Marisa and Sydney know they have a special, fun grandma. Sometimes, their grandma can be quite normal, baking cookies or knitting sweaters for them, and other times she can be quite unpredictable! Their grandma’s motto – especially for them – is: “Anything you want, Dear, anytime you want it.”

So when Grandma tells the girls that she has to drive them to an exciting new surprise, they jump at the opportunity. They try to guess the surprise, but even after a hint they are unable to guess it before they arrive to their destination: a roller rink! Eggers writes:

        This was scary. I was thinking this might be one of grandma's not so
        regular times. I wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but what
        else could we do? We followed Grandma into the building, and looked
        around at all the people putting their skates on while Grandma went
        up to the counter and ordered two pairs of skates - one in my size
        and one in Syd's size. I have to admit she did seem to know what she
        was doing.

        Grandma helped us put the skates on and lace them up tight, but when
        we stood up we were really wobbly!

        Grandma said she had better skate with us so we wouldn't be so
        scared, and then she walked back up to the counter to order a pair
        of skates in her own size. She put these on her own feet, but when
        she stood up she was wobbly too! She laughed at herself and told us
        "well, it has been a pretty long time but it will come back - don't
        worry." The three of us held onto the wall and went out onto the
        rink where other people whizzed by us.

Soon, they felt more confident in their skates, especially Grandma! As Grandma commits a crucial mistake and tries to skate backwards, she falls on the floor and comes up with a big red elbow. They later find out that the elbow is broken. And though Grandma admits that her rollerskating days are over, Marisa and Sydney know she’ll always be a cool grandma.

Ideal for early-elementary-age children, “Grandmas Don’t Rollerskate” is a playful, humorous tribute to the bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren.

Jeanette S. Eggers has worked with children for most of her adult life as a mom, childcare provider and teacher. She currently lives in New London, Wis., with her husband and works as an assisted living director. “Grandmas Don’t Rollerskate” is her first published book with other books soon to follow.

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