March 8, 2009

‘Lost Child’ author admits using pot

British writer Julie Myerson, whose book The Lost Child detailed her decision to evict her pot-smoking son, says she, too, has smoked the illegal drug.

Myerson, 48, has confessed to having used marijuana in the past and enjoyed the sensation the psychoactive drug gave her, The Sunday Times of London reported.

Yeah I've tried it, Myerson said in an interview. I've only had about eight tokes in my life. But I know what the feeling is -- it's very nice.

Myerson defended her admission and her decision to kick her 17-year-old son Jake out of her family's home because of his marijuana use.

I don't care what people say about me in the press, Myerson said. Anything that outs him and makes him face his cannabis habit is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Myerson's son, who is now 20, offered a different take on his mother's actions, The Times said.

What she has done has taken the very worst years of my life and cleverly blended it into a work of art and that, to me, is obscene, Jake said. I was only 17, I was a confused teenager.