‘Rattle’ Chinese Style/ iPhone Represent Folk Classics ‘Painting Scroll’

March 9, 2009

BEIJING, March 9 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Colorme (Beijing) Info Tech Co., Ltd
has began to R&D mobile game software for iPhone platform since the beginning
of 2008. They focus on Chinese folk, entertainment and other type of games.
Until now, they have about ten games on-line. Their games are popular with
players from Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia, and America.

Rattle Drum, one of the series of the Chinese traditional folk toys that
is made by Colorme (Beijing) Info Tech Co., Ltd is mainly based on the ancient
musical instrument which has 3000 years of history in China. Rattle-drum has
been popular in China for thousands of years because of its advantages, such
as its lightweight design, simple to play and clear sound. To today, rattle-
drum is also very popular in China. It is popular among children and is one of
the most popular children’s toys. The software is made according to the style
and sound effects of rattle-drum. For those that cannot come to China and
experience the real rattle-drum in person, the game offers the fun of playing
rattle-drums like no other way.

With fine, freehand brushwork and pale, elegant colors, Painting Scroll
(Life along the Bian River at the Pure Brightness Festival) is different from
most architectural paintings. It gives a bird’s eye view of Bianjing (modern
day Kaifeng), the capital of the Northern Song dynasty (approximately 1000BC).
The software demonstrates vividly the original appearance of Painting Scroll
in a form of Chinese traditional style. They present the painting scroll with
subtitles and elegant Chinese folk music. The style features that of the
scroll art used in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, which
received worldwide attention with it’s amazing representation of floating time
and space.

Colorme (Beijing) Info Tech Co., Ltd presents the Chinese traditional folk
customs to international users by the form of game and appreciation. The
Chinese elements in the games display the Chinese folk customs all-around.
Through these games, players want to make more and more international friends
and to know more about China and Chinese culture. Rattle Drum and Painting
Scroll are two classic games among them.

About Colorme

Colorme is the most professional interactive entertainment content
provider of China. Its business covers interactive entertainment product
development, content creation, product sales and customer service; its
business spans across the wireless Internet, Internet, broadcast network and
TV media. Colorme is the large-scale comprehensive development entertainment
and Technology Corporation with interactive entertainment as its core.

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