ActionQuest Survey Shows Value of Face Time Versus FaceBook

March 9, 2009

New Survey Shows Interpersonal Skills Development Most Significant Benefit from Teen Summer Adventure Programs

SARASOTA, Fla., March 9 /PRNewswire/ — ActionQuest and Lifeworks, the leading expedition-based teen summer program provider for over 30 years, today released results from their survey detailing the skills teens felt they acquired through participating in summer adventure programs. The results are based on a survey of over 2,000 alumni who have taken ActionQuest expeditions since 1986.

“In this age of overwhelming reliance on technology for communication, including social networks, text messaging and email, we are finding that teens are finding a renewed appreciation for the actual face-to-face communications and leadership skills development afforded by our expedition education programs. Parents as well really value their teens getting ‘off the grid’ for several weeks to live as part of a close knit team and rediscover or further develop their interpersonal abilities, leadership and responsibility skills. Our survey results clearly show that the direct interaction on these trips has provided both immediate and long-term benefits for ActionQuest alumni,” stated ActionQuest and Lifeworks director Mike Meighan.

Top level survey results show that:

  • 97 percent of adventurers replied that they had developed skills that they still use today
  • 96 percent reported an increase in self confidence
  • 91 percent indicated an increased global awareness
  • 87 percent became more responsible and developed future goals

“Our programs are grounded in education along with the development of personal growth, leadership and self-esteem. This survey confirms how we have integrated these goals into every facet of our programs; that they have been, and will continue to be, a success. While you cannot ignore the rising tide of technological interaction, and in fact have to embrace it in order to participate and compete in today’s world, our survey clearly shows the importance of replacing FaceBook with face time in a teenager’s life skills development. It pleases all of us at ActionQuest and Lifeworks to have hard data confirming that by providing hands-on experiential learning and adventure travel throughout the world, we have ignited the inherent leadership skills within thousands of young adults,” concluded Mr. Meighan.

Survey results are viewable at: http://www.actionquest.com/whyaq.html?pid=54

ActionQuest directors and teen voyagers and their parents are available for interview upon request. Images are also available to qualified media upon request.

Alumni comments follow:

The Palmer Family

“The self-confidence, leadership and ability to be proactive in both my work and personal life are skills I attribute to my AQ voyage over a decade ago… I had a defining moment where I realized I could be the kind of person that stands up and takes charge instead of letting others make decisions for me. I carried that momentum with me while studying advertising at Boston University, working at my first job… and today, as the VP of Marketing for the Citigroup Rewards Program. ActionQuest isn’t just a summer adventure. It’s a life-changing experience that gives you tools that serve you throughout life and memories that last forever.” Alexis Z.

“When Alexis came back from ActionQuest, it was clear that she had experienced an incredible transformation. She came back a self-confident leader. I sent Alexis’s little brothers Brent and Jared to ActionQuest also. They came back more self-confident, mature and responsible. Brent really began to take charge of his future after his AQ experience. He is absolutely a changed person. As a parent, you can’t ask for anything more. You don’t think of a summer program as having that kind of impact, but it does.” Debie P.

The Foley Family

“Dewey came home absolutely bursting with increased self-confidence and assurance. The encouragement and positive support he received to push himself, try new things and actually become a leader gave him a fullness of self that defies description. Your attention to each student as an individual and your ability to teach them at a young age the value of living proactively as opposed to reactively has given each one of my children a secret inner strength that they will be able to draw upon for a lifetime.” Susan F.

About ActionQuest

For over 30 years, ActionQuest and Lifeworks have consistently delivered high-quality, expedition-based summer programs for teenagers. Voyagers leave our programs with new skills, talents and independence. The AQ path offers action-packed adventures that focus on water sports, marine biology, community service and global exploration. Three-week programs to the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands, the Mediterranean, Galapagos, Ecuador Australia, French Polynesia, China, Thailand and India make for an educational adventure of a lifetime. Established in 1986, over 10,000 teenagers have taken the ActionQuest plunge. Visit www.actionquest.com and www.lifeworks-international.com for more information.

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