March 9, 2009

Dad wants Rihanna to call him

Ronald Fenty, the father of U.S. pop singer Rihanna, says he has been unable to get in touch with her and wants her to call him in Barbados, where he lives.

The 21-year-old recording artist made headlines last month when her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, was arrested Feb. 8 for allegedly beating her.

Brown, 19, has publicly apologized and the briefly estranged couple reportedly have since reconciled. Brown was last week charged with two felonies stemming from the alleged altercation and he is to be arraigned in a Los Angeles court next month.

Fenty told TV's Inside Edition his daughter has changed her contact information, making it difficult for him to reach her.

She had changed her numbers, her e-mail address. It was difficult getting through to her, Fenty said, recalling how he last spoke to Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn, on her 21st birthday, Feb. 20. I got in touch on her birthday ... . She texted, 'Daddy, I miss you.' And I texted back, but I tried to get that number, but it evaporated somewhere. That was the last time I heard from her.

Fenty told Inside Edition he wants to talk to his daughter and speaking directly to the program's camera said, Robyn, call me as soon as you can.

He also had a message for Brown.

Chris, I'm disappointed in you. Totally disappointed in you ... and upset with you, too, Fenty said.