March 13, 2009

‘Dog Whisperer’ becomes U.S. citizen

Cesar Millan, the Mexican-born star of TV's Dog Whisperer, has become a U.S. citizen, the National Geographic Channel said.

The popular television personality and best-selling author took the oath Thursday to officially become a U.S. citizen.

Millan, who passed his citizenship test earlier this year, attended the swearing-in ceremony with dozens of others in Montebello, Calif., just north of Los Angeles. Millan was joined by his wife, Ilusion, and two sons, Andre and Calvin, who cheered him on. They are already U.S. citizens.

This is the ultimate culmination of living the American dream, Millan said in a statement. Becoming a U.S. citizen has been a goal of mine since I first came to this great country. I have much to thank this country for, and all of the success it has afforded me and my family, and now I am proud to be a citizen.