March 16, 2009

David Chase working on HBO miniseries

HBO announced Monday that The Sopranos creator David Chase has signed on to write and produce a miniseries about the history of Hollywood filmmaking.

The New York Times said the drama series, Ribbon of Dreams, is expected to begin the story at the turn of the last century and to chronicle each period of Hollywood movies -- including silent westerns and comedies, the golden era of the studio system, the emergence of auteur filmmakers in the 1970s and the contemporary smorgasbord of big-budget blockbusters and independent films.

The show's title reportedly refers to Orson Welles's famous saying, A film is a ribbon of dreams.

We couldn't be more excited to be back in business with the master, Richard Plepler, an HBO co-president, told the newspaper about working with Chase again.

The pay cable television network didn't say when the miniseries will go into production or how long it might be, the Times said.

Chase declined to be interviewed for the newspaper's story about his latest project.