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March 18, 2009

Girlmogulmagazine.com is a place for tween (ages 8-12) girls to read, enjoy, and learn about all things related to girl power, from growing self-confidence to succeeding in school to developing a foundation for future success.

LEBANON, N.J., March 18 /PRNewswire/ — GirlMogulmagazine.com, an online magazine and blog for tween girls (ages 8-12) announces its debut. The magazine features the four GirlMogul characters, Rose, Lily, Daisy, and Poppy. The GirlMoguls write daily posts about anything that interests them, from science, to politics, to money-saving tips. The GirlMoguls are dedicated to honing their diverse interests and encouraging self-esteem in all girls.

Launch Contest

To celebrate the launch, GirlMogul Magazine is hosting a contest. After a FREE registration at GirlMogulMagazine.com, all new GirlMogul Magazine Members will be entered into a contest to win a Girl Power Prize Pack. Help spread the girl power message!

“I am thrilled by this opportunity to bring the GirlMoguls to the world,” says Andrea Stein, creator of the GirlMoguls. “Together we can provide our daughters with positive role models to help them build their self esteem and confidence to enable lifelong achievement. The GirlMogul Magazine is the place for tween girls where girls learn that they can be ‘Future Rocket Scientists,’ ‘Future CEOs,’ or Future ANYTHINGs! It’s a safe, fun place that both parents and their daughters can feel good about.”

How the GirlMoguls got Their Start

Fed up with the t-shirts and accessories for young girls covered in phrases like “Princess” and “Future Diva,” Andrea Stein, created the GirlMogul characters to inspire her daughter to dream big and develop her self esteem. The GirlMoguls are characters that young girls can relate to as they navigate their tween years. From Rose, who loves reading and history, to Poppy, the curious scientist, to Daisy, a sarcastic techie, and finally Lily, a natural leader, the GirlMoguls function as both role models and virtual friends for the magazine’s readers. The magazine provides a bio of each character and the story of how the four girls were brought together by an eccentric doctor to spread girl power throughout the world.

After getting to know the GirlMoguls, tween readers can read their daily posts about current events, succeeding in school, money smarts, women’s history, do it yourself fashion, and much more.

About GirlMogul

Andrea Stein developed the GirlMogul characters to help encourage her daughter to dream big, develop her interests and build her self-esteem. Now the GirlMoguls share their message with girls worldwide at GirlMogul Magazine.

    Media Contact:
    Andrea Stein |309 Main Street, Lebanon NJ, 08833 |
    973.951.1010 | www.girlmogulmagazine.com | andrea@girlmogulmagazine.com

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