March 22, 2009

Astrologer Mercado seeks name rights

Astrologer Walter Mercado says he is intent on winning back the legal rights to his famous name from a Miami promoter.

Following a federal jury's ruling that the so-called Liberace of Astrology violated his contract with promoter Bill Bakula, Mercado said he has no plans to stop offering horoscope predictions, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

''He wants to own me through all of my incarnations and across all of the stars," Mercado said of Bakula, who gained control of the Walter Mercado trademark through the 1995 contract.

Bakula sued Mercado after the astrologer attempted to break ties with him amid claims he owed Mercado $5 million.

Mercado told the Herald he should have seen this coming.

''I give thanks to my celestial father. In the end, I'll be free of having to work with someone who I should have known better than to work with. He always had a darkness around him," Mercado said.