July 6, 2005

Norwegian MP wants Nobel peace prize for Geldof

OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian member of parliament nominated
Irish rocker and charity champion Bob Geldof on Wednesday for
the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work to help poor nations.

The peace prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Nobel
Committee. Those qualified to nominate candidates include
members of national parliaments around the world.

The nomination came as leaders of the Group of Eight rich
nations gathered in Scotland to discuss aid for Africa under
pressure from the debt-relief movement that Geldof has fronted.

His Live 8 concerts have aimed to convince the G8 leaders
to double aid, cancel debt and deliver trade justice for

"Bob Geldof took the initiative in July 2005 to arrange a
string of rock concerts to focus on the problems of poor
nations, and pressure the world's leading politicians to take
actions in fighting poverty," Member of Parliament Jan Simonsen
said in a statement.

The nomination was for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize as the
deadline for nominations for the 2005 award passed on Feb. 1.

Geldof became a star with the Boomtown Rats before engaging
in charity rock movement Band Aid 20 years ago. His Live 8
project, watched by 1.5 billion people, has raised $100 million
for Africa's starving.