DNC Launches Obama Endorsement Ad for Scott Murphy

March 26, 2009

Click Here to View “Obama Endorses Murphy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFD1PrfaXYw

WASHINGTON, March 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Wanted to give you a heads up that the DNC has a television ad going up tomorrow in NY 20 in support of Democratic Congressional Candidate Scott Murphy entitled “Obama Endorses Murphy.” The ad will air on all broadcast stations in Albany through Monday. Please see a statement on the ad below from Governor Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

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Scott Murphy has the skills and experience the people of upstate New York need in Washington, and he’ll be a partner in helping President Obama turn our economy around and create jobs,” said Kaine. “Scott is the right man for this job and after Tuesday President Obama will have another ally in his effort to bring the change we need to the ways of Washington.”


DNC, 3/26/09

Click Here to View “Obama Endorses Murphy”


            SCRIPT                               BACKUP
      Announcer: In the     Obama Endorsed Scott Murphy. President Obama
      worst recession in    wrote in an email, "Today I'm announcing my
      a generation,         support for Scott Murphy, candidate for New
      upstate New           York's 20th Congressional District. On Tuesday,
      Yorkers deserve       March 31st -- just one week away -- voters will
      someone with the      have the chance to send Scott to Congress,
      right skills to       where we'll work together to get our economy
      represent them in     moving in the right direction. Volunteer this
      Washington.           week and help in the final push to send Scott
                            Murphy to Congress. Scott has the kind of
                            experience and background we desperately need
                            right now in Washington. He's created jobs by
                            building and growing small businesses while
                            bringing people together to address difficult
                            challenges. He supports the economic recovery
                            plan we've put in place, and I know we can
                            count on him as an ally for change. To restore
                            our economy and build a foundation for lasting
                            prosperity, I'll need Scott's help. This week,
                            Scott needs yours." [Obama for America
                            endorsement, 3/26/09]

      That's why
      President Obama is
      supporting Scott
      Murphy for

      Scott Murphy is the   Murphy Helped Create More Than a Thousand Jobs
      only candidate        in Upstate New York. "Murphy also is telling
      with the proven       voters about more than 1,000 jobs he's helped
      business              create, largely through Advantage Capital
      experience we         Partners. As examples, Murphy cites 17
      need.                 companies Advantage Capital has invested in,
                            including Kionix, an Ithaca-based company that
                            makes motion-sensor devices. According to
                            records provided by the Murphy campaign,
                            Advantage Capital invested about $1 million in
                            2003, $250,000 in 2005 and $300,000 in 2007. In
                            2003, Kionix had about 50 employees, by the end
                            of 2007 it had 119." [Albany Times Union,

      As a businessman,
      he helped create a
      thousand new jobs
      and in Congress,      Murphy Support's Obama's Stimulus Plan to Create
      he'll work with       Investment and Jobs. The Daily Freeman wrote,
      President Obama to    "candidate Murphy, a small business
      spur investment       entrepreneur and venture capitalist,
      and create jobs       enthusiastically supports the Obama stimulus
      right here at         plan. So much so, he has made that support the
      home.                 centerpiece of his campaign. This support alone
                            pretty much should decide the issue of this
                            election. Think of it this way: The stimulus
                            plan is the plan for economic recovery put
                            forward by the new president, who was
                            convincingly elected on a platform that, in
                            broad brush, promised both substantive change
                            and just such a stimulus plan. Yes, we're as
                            outraged as anyone at the stimulus provision
                            that made the AIG bonus payments possible and
                            have said so in this space. But that's not an
                            argument against the entire stimulus plan. It's
                            an argument for corrective action, which is
                            exactly what is taking place. For all of its
                            warts, the $787 billion stimulus plan is
                            probably the best such plan that could have
                            been passed into law by Congress with the kind
                            of dispatch required when your economic house
                            is on fire." [Daily Freeman Endorsement
                            Editorial, 3/22/09]

      For jobs and our
      future -- vote
      Scott Murphy for
      Congress this

      The Democratic
      National Committee
      is responsible for
      the content of
      this advertising.

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