March 27, 2009

‘Shrek’ star

Actor John Tartaglia says Broadway's Shrek the Musical, like the animated movies that inspired it, offers something for audience members of all ages.

Tartaglia told UPI in a recent phone interview he thinks one of the reasons the films are so appealing is that they work on many different levels.

The show kind of takes that even further, Tartaglia said. And I do like that. I like the fact that there's the kind of irony for adults -- the kind of wink, wink, nudge, nudge moments. And then, for the teenagers, there is the farting and burping part and then for the younger kids there are the fairytale creatures and Donkey and Shrek. There's kind of something for everybody. A lot of shows say that, but I think our show really delivers on that.

Previously a cast member of the wildly popular stage show Avenue Q and the star of the children's TV program Johnny and the Sprites, Tartaglia plays Pinocchio and The Magic Mirror, as well as acts as the Dragon puppeteer in Shrek The Musical.

The cast album for Shrek was released by Decca Broadway this week.