April 4, 2009

Actor Haley to serve as new Krueger

Director Samuel Bayer says U.S. actor Jackie Earle Haley has hired to play killer Freddy Krueger in a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Bayer, who will direct the remake of the 1984 horror film that starred Robert Englund, said Haley showed his ability to evoke emotion in viewers by playing the superhero Rorschach in Watchmen, The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

Looking at his performance in 'Watchmen.' Here's a guy playing a character under a mask yet you feel tremendous empathy for him, Bayer said.

Elm Street follows the disfigured undead child molester as he seeks revenge on those who burned him to death by stalking their teenage children in their dreams.

The Reporter said production will begin May 5 using a screenplay written by Wesley Strick.