April 4, 2009

Insiders say Bale joins ‘Prisoners’ film

British actor Christian Bale will star alongside U.S. actor Mark Wahlberg in the new movie Prisoners, Hollywood insiders say.

Unidentified insiders said the film project being put together by the Endeavor Talent Agency has yet to be financed or attached to a studio, The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

The thriller follows a small-town carpenter whose 6-year-old daughter is kidnapped along with one of her friends. After clashing with the city detective in charge of his daughter's case, the distraught father abducts and tortures the man he suspects of having taken his child.

Details regarding which parts Bale and Wahlberg may play in the thriller were not reported.

Wahlberg's most recent films include Max Payne and The Happening, while Bale has enjoyed great success with The Dark Knight and is set to star in the upcoming releases Terminator: Salvation and Public Enemies.