April 5, 2009

Japanese pop star robbed in Sweden

Japanese pop star Hideki Kaji was in the middle of a recording session in Malmo, Sweden, when he was beaten and robbed, police say.

Mattias Attin of the Malmo police said the Japanese performer had been recording a music video Saturday when he was attacked by three men, the Swedish news agency TT reported Sunday.

Three men then walked toward him, beat him up and robbed him. He was hit so hard that he lost a filling. He then passed out. When he woke up camera equipment worth a total of 20,000 kronor ($2,500) had been stolen, Attin said.

Kaji, who was dressed as a pineapple for the shoot, had been left alone with the equipment when the attack occurred.

No suspects have been arrested to date in relation to the attack, which left the Suddenly Sibylla with unspecified injuries, TT said.