April 7, 2009

Eminem slams stars in new video

Bret Michaels, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are just a few of the celebrities rapper Eminem skewers in his latest music video.

The 4 1/2-minute-long clip of We Made You, an ode to ubiquitous stars and wannabes, debuted Tuesday.

The video also mocks Kim Kardashian, couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Britney Spears and Jessica Alba variously for their appearances, their relationships and their career decisions.

People.com said Kardashian is being a good sport about the clip.

I just saw Eminem's new video for 'We Made You' and he totally spoofs me! Kardashian said on her blog Tuesday.

It was a total surprise to me because I had no idea he was going to talk about me in the song, she wrote. I think this video is so funny! I am a huge Eminem fan and find it flattering that he would rap about me. ... He's a bit harsh about some other celebrities, but you just have to let it go and have a sense of humor.

Eminem's next album, Relapse, is set to drop May 19.