April 8, 2009

2 kids enough for Trista and Ryan Sutter

Trista Sutter, former star of the U.S. reality TV series The Bachelorette, announced plans Wednesday to undergo a permanent birth control procedure.

Sutter said she and her husband Ryan believe their family is complete with the birth last week of their daughter Blakesley Grace.

The couple also has a son Maxwell Alston, who was born July 26, 2007.

By choosing the Essure procedure, Trista will avoid the added pain and recovery time of getting her tubes tied combined with her C-section, Conceptus Inc. said in a news release. The Essure procedure is performed three months after childbirth and this waiting period allows Trista to let her body recover and spend time bonding with her new baby. Trista will have the added benefit of the Essure Confirmation Test, so she can be confident that her procedure is a success.

Now that we have the two healthy children we always dreamed of, Ryan and I have decided that our family is the perfect size, and we want to devote our time and energy to them, Sutter said in a statement. After looking at all my options, I realized that Essure is the best fit for me and my lifestyle. I like it because the procedure can be performed in my doctor's office without general anesthesia, and the quick recovery means I can get back to my life and my family right away.