April 8, 2009

Friend: Travoltas’ faith, family ‘solid’

U.S. film stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston are keeping a low public profile, but spending time with family and friends following the death of their son.

Jett Travolta died in January of a seizure disorder. He would have been 17 on April 13.

A family friend told People.com: They aren't secluding themselves or paralyzed. ... (Seeing them) was like old times. Nothing awkward and no topics to dance around. There were smiles.

John is a strong man, but we want to leave him in peace, Olivia Newton-John, Travolta's Grease co-star and another longtime friend, told the magazine. To lose a loved one -- it's the worst time in anyone's life.

They're relying on their (Scientology) faith to get them through this, a source close to the family said. Their faith is solid, and their family is solid.