April 11, 2009

Harrelson compares paparazzi to zombies

The paparazzi photographers who chase celebrities around in pursuit of profitable pictures are like zombies, U.S. actor Woody Harrelson says.

The Zombieland actor said in a statement Friday that the aggressive entertainment industry photographers are like the fictional undead flesh-eating monsters, E! Online reported.

The statement from Harrelson, 47, comes after a photographer for the TMZ entertainment news group accused the actor of assault.

The unidentified photographer informed the New York Port Authority Police that Harrelson allegedly shoved the photographer's camera at LaGuardia Airport Wednesday night.

The photographer alleges in a filed complaint that his camera, which struck him in the face, was damaged in the incident.

E! Online said the alleged conflict occurred when the photographer attempted to get a close-up shot of Harrelson.