April 12, 2009

Fallon downplays restaurant bounty

TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon says he didn't steal an album cover from a New York restaurant offering a free meal for the item's safe return.

The New York Post reported Sunday that staff at Los Dos Molinos suspect Fallon stole a Kevin Eubanks album cover from the eatery's bathroom and then showed off the stolen item on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The recent incident prompted the Union Square-area restaurant to post a sign saying: Wanted! Jimmy Fallon. A free meal and drink to anyone who can retrieve our record cover back to us safely.

But Fallon insists the item he brought on The Tonight Show during a recent appearance was simply a prop.

The album I used on the 'Tonight Show' was a picture I got off the Internet and had blown up to look like the record, the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon host said.

The Post said Fallon was kicked out of the New York restaurant Posto last week for a negative review he made of the pizzeria's sister restaurant Spunto.