Revolutionary Interface Cable for the RED Digital Cinema Camera Launches at NAB

April 15, 2009

R2E Cable Gets a First-Look by the Industry at This Year’s Show

LOS ANGELES, April 15 /PRNewswire/ — The R2E cable will make a splash this year at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, a product that’s been highly anticipated by the RED camera market.

The R2E cable is made available online through www.CoolCameraGear.com, the industry’s one-stop shop for the hottest tools of the cinema trade. The cable is sure to become a staple amongst RED camera users because it gives them more ways to make multiple copies of RED footage simultaneously to different destinations. This is accomplished by adding standard eSATA to the arsenal of RED-Drive(TM) interface options.

“The ability to offload footage over eSATA has been on the wish list of RED users since the camera’s inception, and we are thrilled to make that wish come true at NAB with the R2E cable,” says Raffi Kryszek, founder of the new CoolCameraGear.com (going live April 20). “The availability of the R2E cable on CoolCameraGear.com is truly indicative of the innovative, high-end, quality cinema accessories we will be featuring.”

The R2E LEMO to eSATA cable lifts the burden off of a computer’s FireWire 800, FireWire 400 or USB buss. By simply powering the RED-Drive(TM) or RED-RAM(TM) using the original power adapter, plugging the LEMO end of the R2E cable into the drive and the other end into a standard eSATA port, the user gains instant access to RED footage with eSATA performance.

CoolCameraGear.com specializes in accessories for digital filmmaking. The company has partnered with Birn’s and Sawyer, one of Hollywood’s premiere rental and sales firms of motion picture equipment, to be an authorized R2E cable reseller. Industry professionals can demo and purchase the R2E cable at their NAB booth #C3447. Kryszek is also the President of Clifton Production Services LLC (www.cliftonpost.com), a state-of-the-art facility equipped with a full array of the latest cutting-edge digital editorial and design tools.

About CoolCameraGear.com

CoolCameraGear.com, established in 2009, is the industry’s one-stop-shop for the hottest tools of the cinema trade. Catering specifically to the most cutting-edge professional filmmakers, CoolCamerGear.com is committed to a level of service and quality unmatched by its competitors. For more information, please visit www.coolcameragear.com or find them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/coolcameragear.

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