April 16, 2009

DJ’s pit bulls a menace, neighbors say

Disc jockey Katsuhiro Honda's three pit bulls are bullying smaller dogs on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, his neighbors said.

Several dog owners told the New York Post the Japanese hip-hop star's pit bulls Boss, One and Boy are terrorizing and attacking canines in the neighborhood.

Celebrity facialist Christine Chin told the newspaper Boss was off his leash when he ripped into Bebe, her 12-pound Yorkshire terrier, this month, sending the smaller animal to the vet to have a $4,000 operation to sew her face back together.

My pet was almost shredded to pieces, Chin said. I feel so bullied and so helpless. I said to my husband, 'Should we get a gun now?'

Chin said she called police, but they declined to file a report on the alleged incident.

Honda's camp has denied any wrongdoing and insisted his dogs are friendly, the Post said.

Every time something happens with their pit bulls, they blame the other dog, Chin said.

Neighbor Kay Merryweather said one of Honda's pit bulls attacked her 10-year-old Pomeranian, Coco, about three months ago.

He jumped into the air and bit her on the neck, Merryweather said.

The woman's husband Rion said Honda immediately apologized.

He said it would never happen again. He said if it happened again, he would put the dog down, Rion Merryweather said.