April 19, 2009

Trial of alleged Banks stalker under way

Prosecutors in New York alleged in opening statements in Brady Green's trial that the homeless man left a trail of evidence while stalking model Tyra Banks.

Assistant District Attorney Shawn McMahon said Friday that the drifter allegedly used his real name and parents' phone number in Georgia when sending notes and flowers to the star of The Tyra Banks Show, the New York Daily News reported Saturday.

He left a phone number at which he could be reached, McMahon alleged of Green.

Sydney O'Hagen, who is representing Green in the New York trial, attempted to portray his client as an admittedly overzealous fan who was simply inspired by Banks's work on her CBS talk show.

She invites fans that are inspired by her show to reach out to her, O'Hagen said. Mr. Green was a fan, albeit perhaps an overzealous fan.

O'Hagen said his 37-year-old client is homeless and faces racism just as Banks has discussed on her series, the Daily News said.