April 19, 2009

Sheridan ready to leave ‘Housewives’

Actress Nicollette Sheridan says she is ready to leave the U.S. TV series Desperate Housewives behind.

Sheridan, whose character Edie Britt makes her final Housewives appearance Sunday night, told TV Guide the ABC drama has been slowly becoming more complacent during its five seasons on the air, MSNBC reported.

When the show started it was such a different beast. It was exciting and dangerous and funny and edgy and bizarre, said Sheridan, whose character is being killed off in the popular series. It started feeling a little complacent, and that was very frustrating.

The 45-year-old actress did admit eliminating Britt may prove to be a risky decision by Housewives producers.

(Killing off Britt) was a risky decision that could have devastating ramifications, Sheridan said.

But series creator Marc Cherry insists it is time for Britt to leave Wisteria Lane, TV Guide said.

Edie's already slept with most of the guys on the street and has caused about as many problems as she could, Cherry said.