New Directions on Microsoft Report Helps Businesses Navigate Microsoft Licensing

April 21, 2009

Report and Upcoming Licensing Boot Camps Strengthen Firm’s Licensing Pillar

KIRKLAND, Wash., April 21 /PRNewswire/ — As IT managers wrestle with budgets during trying economic times, Directions on Microsoft has released the latest edition of its comprehensive “Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs” report. Even the most experienced enterprise architects, corporate business managers, or IT managers can lose their bearings during Microsoft licensing purchase decisions. This report — along with the Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camps — helps IT decision makers navigate Microsoft licensing and choose the best program to ensure compliance and minimize costs. Given pricing pressures, customers may never find a better time to negotiate their licenses.

“Organizations trying to scale back IT budgets face a delicate three-way balancing act: They must hit the right mix of license price, administration costs and software audit risk,” said Rob Horwitz, Research Chair, Directions on Microsoft.

This report is a follow up to the 2003 report published by Directions on Microsoft, updated to reflect new licensing programs and changes to Microsoft licensing.

“Don’t get trapped. You need to think through your licensing options as you’re designing a new solution or architecture,” said Paul DeGroot, author of the report and Research Vice President, Directions on Microsoft. “Making the wrong choice can cost you tens-of-thousands or even millions of dollars — money that most companies can’t afford to risk in these tight economic conditions.”

Focused on key variables that impact licensing decisions such as administration costs and legal liability, this report addresses:

  • Why Buy Through Volume Licensing Programs? The pros and cons of volume licensing in detail along with factors purchasers need to consider when selecting a volume licensing plan.
  • Open License, Select License, and Enterprise Agreements. How each plan (and their variants) works, the customers for whom each is most appropriate, and their advantages and drawbacks.
  • Software Assurance. Costs, payment schedules, and other aspects of Microsoft’s Software Assurance (SA) — a subscription offering that provides upgrade rights and other benefits.

The report is part of a larger series of Directions on Microsoft Licensing Outlines that covers in-depth licensing analysis on the ‘Big 6′ major Microsoft products and their licensing programs. It should be used in connection with the Directions on Microsoft Enterprise Software Roadmap.

Licensing Boot Camps

Directions on Microsoft analysts have spent more than a decade researching Microsoft’s licensing rules, policies and strategies. Their advice is routinely sought by Microsoft’s customers and partners around the world. They are now bringing this deep expertise to you in-person at Licensing Boot Camps. These boot camps will help IT leaders look ahead to new and upcoming versions of Microsoft enterprise products and have confidence in the choices they make. Boot Camp attendees will also profit from the insights of their peers and insiders on Microsoft’s side of the table with guest speakers from CompuCom, a Microsoft Large Account Reseller, and senior executives from Microsoft’s World Wide Licensing Group. Visit this website for more Boot Camp information: http://www.directionsonmicrosoft.com/licensing/30-licensing/312-bootcamp.html

Current subscribers will receive the report as part of their service. Non-Directions on Microsoft subscribers may purchase the report from the firm’s website for $749.00. Visit this website: http://www.directionsonmicrosoft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=596.

About Directions on Microsoft

Directions on Microsoft is the only, independent organization exclusively devoted to tracking Microsoft. Directions has studied Microsoft since 1992. Its team of Microsoft experts provides clear, concise, and actionable analysis of shifts in Microsoft strategy, Microsoft product and technology roadmaps, delivery schedules, organizational changes, marketing initiatives, and licensing and other policies, so you can quickly assess how they impact your business. Thousands of companies worldwide–including corporate purchasers of Microsoft products, system integrators, software vendors, hardware manufacturers, network operators, venture capitalists, and financial analysts–trust Directions On Microsoft for accurate and unbiased Microsoft research and analysis to guide their strategic decisions.

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