April 22, 2009

Producer: Parker not leaving ‘Weeds’

U.S. actress Mary-Louise Parker is not leaving Weeds, contrary to rumors claiming she is, an executive producer on the celebrated cable TV series said.

There has been some speculation that Parker will depart the show once actress Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the cast as planned.

However, executive producer Jenji Kohan told E! News: No. That's not true.

Kohan added it is unclear how long Leigh will be on the series.

Right now we've written two (episodes) that she's in, but as we write, we'll see where she fits in and if she wants to come back and play, Kohan told E! She's doing a movie, so her schedule is kind of crazy right now. It's a great piece of guest casting. We love having Jennifer here; we'd love her to do as many as she wants to do, but by no means does it edge out Mary-Louise.