April 26, 2009

Lawyer: Pirate Bay judge possibly biased

The district court judge who presided over the Pirate Bay file-sharing case in Sweden possibly was biased due to copyright affiliations, a lawyer alleges.

Defense lawyer Per E. Samuelson, who represented Pirate Bay defendant Carl Lundstrom in the concluded copyright trial, alleges Stockholm District Court Judge Tomas Norstrom had a conflict of interest in the legal case, the Swedish news agency TT said Saturday.

Lundstrom, along with three other Pirate Bay defendants, received a one-year prison sentence after being convicted of promoting copyright infringement.

Samuelson wrote in a deposition to the Svea Court of Appeal his client should receive a retrial due to Norstrom's association with copyright organizations.

Samuelson added the judge should have disclosed his connections to such groups, which includes the Swedish Copyright Association, during his client's trial, TT reported.

Tomas Norstrom should have reported these circumstances to the parties and their lawyers and given them the chance to raise a formal objection, Samuelson said.