April 26, 2009

Boston film a hit at New York festival

Rookie filmmaker Damien Chazelle says his film, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, will show Tribeca Film Festival guests another side of Boston.

The 24-year-old Harvard University graduate said his first feature film facing positive reviews at the New York film festival offers a Boston representation not seen in recent movies, The Boston Globe said Sunday.

I think Boston, Chazelle said, especially the way it's been portrayed in movies recently as a burly city, a city of Irish mobsters in Dorchester -- there's a whole other side to it, a much quieter, more romantic side.

Park Bench, which screened Thursday at Tribeca and was scheduled for an additional screening, follows a couple's break-up and the ensuing emotional turmoil amid beautiful shots of Boston.

Chazelle's former Harvard professor, Robb Moss, told the Globe the film that Chazelle began working on as a school project is definitely an original film.

Damien's one of these people who carries with him the history of cinema and jazz music and a love of movies, Moss said of the hit at Tribeca, which runs until May 3. I remember us all looking at each other after and saying, 'Whoa, that is original.'