April 26, 2009

Comedian Djalili slams BBC executive

Comedian Omid Djalili said during a recent TV conference that BBC3 chief Danny Cohen is ill-equipped to control the British TV channel, an attendee says.

Attendees said the 10-minute verbal barrage from the Iranian comedian, who was born in Britain, came after Cohen, who is Jewish, criticized a joke Djalili made that focused around Jewish stereotypes, The Mail on Sunday said.

An unidentified guest at the BBC Comedy Forum where the conflict took place said Djalili, 43, appeared to get angry at Cohen, 34, when the BBC3 official did not answer a question about offensive material to his liking.

Omid started going on at him, about how he wasn't answering the question properly, the guest said, adding the question was about what Cohen considered offensive, and then he asked Danny, 'Do you have kids?'

Danny said no and that's what really set Omid off.

It was a proper rant, and he completely lost the audience, another guest, whose identity was not reported, told the Mail. He was saying stuff like, 'How dare you judge what my kids can watch?' and 'How can you justify your job when you don't even have kids?'