Activities Powered by the Imagination: New Book Series Explores Creative Ways for Kids to Have Fun

May 1, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 1 /PRNewswire/ — While playing a heated game of Wii(TM) is considered exercise for many, others pine for the days when children scouted out entertainment armed with nothing but their imagination and a few simple toys — no batteries required. “Kid’s Sand Box Fun with Professor Woodpecker” (published by AuthorHouse) kicks off a second series of children’s books by H&T Imaginations Unlimited, Inc. that encourages kids to seek fun and adventure the old-fashioned way.

Professor Woodpecker, the main character, interacts with a variety of children in this series. While carrying on conversations, Professor Woodpecker introduces the kids to timeless, fun activities that their parents and grandparents may have enjoyed when they were young.

In the first book of the series, the kindly bird reminds young readers and their guardians of the incredible amount of fun that can be had in a simple sand box. Kids are shown interacting while playing with toy cars, trucks and fire engines. Professor Woodpecker serves as a wise role model, helping parents and teachers encourage a fun activity that is also educational and developmental.

The second book in the series, “Baseball Cards & Professor Woodpecker,” explores the joy of playing with baseball cards. It features a game involving “pitching” the cards, which was referred to as “Topsie” when Professor Woodpecker was young. The book also covers the creative fun kids had in placing their cards in the spokes of bicycle tires.

“Professor Woodpecker’s Strawberry Patch” is the third book in this series. The Professor takes time to show children and adults the simple pleasure involved in planting and having a strawberry patch. He shares all the fun his own children had caring for their strawberry patch and reaping the rewards of the tasty fruit. In this book, Hill demonstrates how young, creative minds can expand their activities to outdoor hobbies that have educational and nutritional value.

Parents, teachers and anyone else invested in shaping the minds of children can appreciate the value of this creative character who supports positive activities that engage the imagination and nurture budding life skills. Children will discover that the most fun in life comes from games that stem from the imagination, with little help from high-tech gadgets.

About the Author: Stanley Hill is the author behind H&T Imaginations Unlimited, Inc. Raised in a large family in the 1950s and ’60s, Hill was inspired to write the Professor Woodpecker series by his passion for children to enjoy the simple pleasures he had as a child. “With modern technology like computers and the Internet, television and Game Boy, and so on, I am concerned that children today are not experiencing the wholesome activities necessary to develop the skills needed in society,” writes Hill. A father himself, Hill has also taught Sunday school with his wife for many years. His previous books include “Professor Woodpecker’s Banana Sandwiches,” “Green Apples, Red Apples, Yellow Apples, and More,” and “Professor Woodpecker Loves Cereal.”

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