May 2, 2009

Wilkinson wedding details a mystery

Holly Madison says she is in the dark about the bridesmaid dress she will wear at fellow Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson's wedding in Los Angeles.

Madison, who appeared alongside Wilkinson on the TV series The Girls Next Door, said while she has been fitted for the bridesmaid dress, she knows few details about the wedding attire, reported Friday.

I actually just got measured for my bridesmaid dress, Madison, 30, said Thursday. (But) I haven't seen it.

It's in the very preliminary stages. They didn't show me a sketch or anything. Next time I'll get a feel for the shape, I guess. said Wilkinson, 23, is to marry NFL star Hank Bassett in June at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. The playmate previously indicated she would prefer a lavender-themed event.