World-Renowned Iranian Musician Bijan Mortazavi (Bijanmusic.com) Bridges the Generational Gap Through His Music

May 5, 2009

LOS ANGELES, May 5 /PRNewswire/ — Musical savant Bijan Mortazavi is pioneering the evolution of Persian music to close the generational gap between Persian youth and elders. Sold-out concerts across the globe, sponsorships from Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler, and an Opus concert at the Greek Theater: if Bijan Mortazavi is not already a household name, he certainly should be. Musically gifted since he was three years old, Bijan mastered the Violin, Piano, Guitar, Percussion and folk string instruments including the Oud, Tar and Santur by the age of seven. At fourteen, the Iranian native was composing arrangements for thirty piece orchestras in his home country, and by his twenties he was doing the same in the United States. Never the type to rest on his laurels, the man who already achieved more than most people do in a lifetime set his sights on another lofty goal: bridging the generational gap in the Persian community.

Music has long been a defining part of the Persian culture. Traditionally, folkloric songs remained similar in composition and were enjoyed by people of all ages. Enjoying traditional music together provided an important connection that linked every generation within a culture, resulting in harmony, understanding, and a sense of roots. But with the rising popularity of pop music and globalization, Persian teens have become disconnected from the rich cultural music of their ancestors, preferring to listen to modern pop instead of folk. Seeing this unfortunate disconnect, Bijan set out to pioneer songs that would fuse traditional Persian music with new age pop to keep the roots of Persian culture alive in younger generations. With such strong musical influences from Persian folk music, Bijan introduced traditional melodies and harmonized folk music with modern instruments, technology and arrangements. His goal was and is to create music that young Persian generations can enjoy and also pay tribute to their roots, reminding them to enjoy and be proud of where they came from. From the popularity of his music, it’s clear that Bijan’s mission is becoming a success. Keeping the traditions of the rich culture alive is quite a feat in today’s disjointed society, but if anyone can do it, he can.

After all, Bijan Mortazavi was the first Iranian performer to play his violin Opus at the Greek Theater. One of the pieces he played, titled ‘Epic,’ was a song he composed and dreamed of playing in front of an audience when he was eleven years old. Sharing his music with people from all over the world has always been his dream; a dream he lives each and every day.

When creating his compositional blends, Bijan, unlike the majority of musicians, can personally play all of the instruments used in his arrangements. It is this intense connection and deep understanding of each musical instrument that gives birth to powerful songs that resonate amongst every generation and nationality. For the little boy who one day dreamed of playing for the world, the world is listening and ready for more. For more information, please visit http://www.bijanmusic.com.

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