May 9, 2009

ABC picks up ‘Flash Forward’ sci-fi pilot

The science fiction pilot Flash Forward has been picked up by ABC and given a 13-episode order, the network says.

The show, whose pilot episode was produced and co-written by David Goyer and Brannon Braga, got the nod from the network Friday only hours after executives screened it to a strong reception, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The show is loosely based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer and will star Joseph Fiennes. In the story, the Earth's entire human population blacks out simultaneously for 2 minutes, 17 seconds, and when they awaken, realize they have shared mysterious visions of six months into the future, the publication said.

Marc Guggenheim, co-creator of Eli Stone, will reportedly serve as executive producer of Flash Forward and will run the series with David Goyer, while Jessika Goyer, Vince Gerardis and Ralph Vicinanza will also serve as executive producers.