May 11, 2009

New Children’s Book Teaches Importance of Rescuing Animals

Diane Giurco Debuts with "The Adventures of Willy & Nilly"

MEDFORD, N.Y., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Join a brother and sister on a day of adventures around the Kentucky countryside in and around the utopian-like town of Ol'Kalucky surrounded by nature and beauty in "The Adventures of Willy & Nilly" (published by AuthorHouse), the entertaining, lighthearted new children's book by Diane Giurco.

"This story is about Willy and Nilly, a brother and sister, who live on a farm with their Momma and Poppa in the quiet town of Ol'Kalucky, Kentucky," Giurco begins. "They have a dog named Quilly, and a cat named Milly. Outside they have a goat named Billy and a big old cow named Lillie."

Like they do every weekend, Willy and Nilly set off on this fine day to explore the farmlands and enjoy a picnic lunch packed by Momma. They battle with ants and bee stings, and when a storm passes through, the siblings take refuge in an old abandoned fort. After a few minutes of listening to the rain and deciding what to do, Nilly hears a noise. Willy hears it too, and they investigate:

"Oh, look over there in the corner, it's a litter of kittens!" said Nilly. "One...two...three...four...five!" counted Willy. "Where is the mommy cat?" asked Willy. "I don't know," replied Nilly. "I'm going to pick one up," said Willy. "No!" exclaimed Nilly. "First I will have to see if they are friendly."

Nilly slowly approached the kittens. Once she got close to them they all ran over to her and started weaving in and out around her shoes. After the kittens all started to rub their little faces on her and were purring loudly, she knew they were friendly. The children had fun playing with the kittens.

The rain had now stopped. "We're going to go to Aunt Tilly's house now," said Nilly. "Why?" asked Willy. "Because Aunt Tilly has eight cats and she will know what to do for the kittens."

Young readers and listeners alike will delight in the adventures of Willy, Nilly and their newfound kitten friends. With colorful illustrations on every page, Giurco combines important lessons with a whimsical story. She is hopeful that her book will resonate with readers: "Having had the experience of kitten rescuing, I often wondered how could anyone walk past a litter of abandoned kittens? Sadly they do, and there are many homeless animals. I wrote this book in the hope that someone, at sometime, somewhere, will remember my book, and NOT walk past a litter of abandoned kittens!"

Diane Giurco lives with her husband, two children, a Great Dane, seven cats (now down to six), two fish tanks, a toad and two gerbils. Her backyard abounds with wildlife and bird feeders, and feeding stations attract a wide array of animals. "The Adventures of Willy & Nilly" is her first book, and she is currently working on "Willy & Nilly Welcome the New Baby."

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