May 12, 2009

Trump alows Miss California to keep crown

Donald Trump Tuesday announced he is allowing Miss California USA Carrie Prejean to keep her crown despite various controversies swirling around her.

Prejean, who describes herself as a devout Christian, drew both criticism and support last month when she answered a question during the Miss USA pageant on same-sex marriage and said she thinks marriage should be defined as a union between a man and a woman. After the pageant, revealing photos of Prejean were leaked on the Internet.

Trump, who is co-owner of the Miss USA pageant, said at a press conference in New York Tuesday that neither Prejean's opinions or photos should cost her the Miss California crown, People.com reported.

She gave a very honest answer when asked a tough question, The Los Angeles Times quoted Trump as saying at the news conference with Prejean sitting by his side. It was the same answer the president of the United States gave ... She has to be commended.

Referring to the sexy snapshots reportedly taken of Prejean before she won her Miss California title, Trump said: We are in the 21st century. We have determined that the pictures taken were fine.