Converter Box Will Keep Your VCR Running When Broadcasters Switch to All-Digital TV System on June 12

May 12, 2009

Zenith’s ConnectYourBox.com and ConecteSuConvertidor.com Offer Simple Advice on Connecting Converter Boxes to Analog TVs and VCRs

WASHINGTON, May 12 /PRNewswire/ – With only one month to go until full-power analog TV broadcasters across the nation go all-digital, people are starting to realize that it’s not just their old analog TVs that will be affected by the transition but their trusty VCRs, too.

How to keep your VCR running in the digital age is just one of many questions answered on www.ConnectYourBox.com and its Spanish counterpart www.ConecteSuConvertidor.com. The informational Web sites were created by Zenith, one of the most popular digital-to-analog converter box brands.

“With the transition to digital broadcasting, a VCR’s built-in analog tuner becomes obsolete,” explained Zenith Senior VP Richard Lewis. “So if you want to continue using an old VCR to record TV shows off the air through your antenna, you’ll need a digital TV converter box that produces analog signals that the VCR can record.”

“ConnectYourBox.com provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to connect a converter box such as the Zenith DTT901 to an analog TV set and VCR using either a single coaxial cable or a set of standard audio/video cables,” Lewis said.

The sites also offer a FAQ page with clear and concise answers to the most frequently-asked questions about digital TV and links to other resources such as AntennaWeb.org, (sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Electronics Association), which helps consumers choose the best antenna for their geographical location. Zenith further reminds viewers about the need to scan and rescan digital channels to help assure that all available local broadcast channels are received. This is important because some digital TV stations are moving to new broadcast frequencies in May and June.

Zenith has learned from the thousands of calls it receives daily on its help line (1-877-9ZENITH) that many people who have purchased a digital TV converter box have yet to hook it up. The company is urging analog TV viewers to visit ConnectYourBox.com now for set-up instructions so they can begin enjoying the improved picture and sound of digital broadcasts and avoid possible confusion about receiving the new digital channels on June 12 when all full-power TV broadcasters are required to make the final transition to all-digital service.


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