May 13, 2009

Eminem helps fly 200 ex-auto workers to LA

Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel are paying to fly 200 laid-off auto workers from Detroit to Los Angeles to see the rapper appear on Kimmel's late-night talk show.

The unemployed UAW members are expected to attend Friday's taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and will then be invited along with a guest to a secret Eminem concert in the metro Detroit area next week, the Detroit Free Press said.

In all the media coverage Detroit is getting, everyone forgets about the people that have lost their jobs without getting big cash payouts after dedicating themselves to the auto industry, Eminem told the Free Press via his publicist. "Jimmy Kimmel and I got to talking, and we wanted to remind everyone that there are real people

affected by what's going on in Detroit, and try to show some of them a good time while we're at it."

Relapse, Eminem's first studio album in more than four years, is set to drop next Tuesday.