New Book Reveals Secrets of Time & Space

May 13, 2009

Book Also Examines True Origins of Dark Matter and Dark Energies in our Universe

POCKING, Germany, May 13 /PRNewswire/ – In the new book titled 96 % Dark Universe – Lost and Found, available today from Lulu.com, scientist Dr. Henryk Frystacki is setting new directions in cosmic super-symmetry – proposing solutions for dark matter and dark energies, which account for 96% of our universe according to current models of cosmology.

Previously a neglected topic, these days the quest for the construction of our universe is experiencing newfound recognition. In 96 % Dark Universe – Lost and Found, Dr. Frystacki reveals complementary mathematical-physical links of space-time construction, including condensing matter. The results are astonishing, because the perception of dark matter and a composition of dark energy are becoming transparent as the background of established constants of nature, and the cosmic scaffolding of quantum foam.

The intention is to combine Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum mechanics, without contradiction. Additionally, 96 % Dark Universe – Lost and Found reveals revolutionary opportunities to design technical innovations on the base of complementary viewpoints.

The book explores:

  • Dark matter and dark energies
  • The scaffolding of the universe
  • Secret of time-space development
  • Relativity & quantum mechanics
  • Restricted perception of space-time

“Truth is never triumphant, only its opponents die out,” was once said by the founder of quantum theory and Nobel prizewinner Max Planck. 96% Dark Universe – Lost and Found is ready to face the scientific discussion, knowing that it will find friends and opponents – either because of scientific conviction, or because of long-held, traditional beliefs.

For more information or to purchase 96 % Dark Universe – Lost and Found, please visit http://www.lulu.com/content/6579539.

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