Terra Transforms the Digital World with the Relaunch of Terra TV in the United States and Latin America

May 14, 2009

– Terra TV bolsters a global audience of 8.0 million unique visitors and 66 million streamings with the re-launch. The U.S. audience alone boasts over 1.1 million unique visitors; doubling from March 2008 to March 2009

– The new Terra TV offers exclusive digital content in news, entertainment and sports. The next step in the Atom Project, Terra TV presents a more interactive navigation with new functionalities including innovative and user-friendly tools

– Terra TV is also available to users in RSS and iPhone formats as well as on social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut

MIAMI, May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Terra, a leading Internet company and original digital content producer with a primary focus on the U.S. Hispanic experience, today relaunched Terra TV in the United States and Latin America. Terra TV offers users an unprecedented, multidimensional viewing platform that includes interactive features, innovative tools and third-generation Web video technology. The programming is categorized in three channels: Entertainment, News and Sports. Starting today, users can quickly and easily access Terra TV’s video content free of charge at (http://us.ttv4.terra.com/)

Advanced Technology. Terra TV boasts unrivaled high-quality video content in widescreen format with a 16:9 ratio and 640 x 360 pixels. In addition, the portal’s content will be available in RSS and iPhone formats and accessible on social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut.

Terra TV includes “All on Terra TV,” a convenient navigation tool that offers a map of channels, sub channels and main topics, allowing users to immediately access the content they are searching for. The tool also includes a new search engine that enables users to obtain results sorted by channel.

The new platform allows users to vote, leave messages and comment on videos, as well as share videos through email, bookmarking and social networking sites. Within the three Terra TV channels, users can search videos for Terra special series, as well as by date and popularity.

Engaging Content. The news channel offers users the latest, up-to-the-minute international news reports and exclusive video coverage including videos from CNN, AP, and Reuters as well as original productions.

Entertainment fans enjoy exclusive and frequently-updated celebrity news and gossip, interviews and Terra specials, such as Terra on Tour with Gloria Estefan, music videos from the Warner Music catalog, movie trailers and reviews from Terra’s original program, Movies with Maria, and more.

Sports enthusiasts have access to premier soccer content from the Mexican League and the Mexican National team as well as highlights from the Major European Leagues such as the Spanish, German and Portuguese teams. Terra also features the exciting action from the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers.

“Terra TV, the newest initiative under the Atom Project umbrella, offers our users video content any time, anywhere, any place and our marketers a new vehicle to reach a key demographic,” said Terra USA CEO Fernando Rodriguez. “Terra TV offers an unprecedented multi-tier platform that provides original content integrated with third-generation social networking technology, giving users a more interactive experience and efficient navigation.”

In January, Terra launched the Atom Project, a $10 million year-long initiative to create the portal of the future. Each month marks the debut of an innovation that will transform the way the portal’s 60 million users access both editorial content and user-generated content on multiple platforms, including third-generation social networking tools, fresh layouts and unprecedented content integration.

About Terra USA

Terra USA (www.terra.com) is a leading internet company and original digital content producer with a primary focus on the US Hispanic experience. Featuring 29 channels in English and Spanish, Terra USA reaches the broadest audience in the U.S. Hispanic market according to comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen/Net Ratings. Terra USA offers interactive tools and unites the most relevant professional and user-generated content, creating a unique user experience.

Terra USA is part of Terra Latin America, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2009 and boasts a presence in 18 countries, including the United States. Terra Latin America has approximately 60 million unique visitors per month, 8 million unique users per month on Terra TV, with an average of 66 million streamings per month and a collection of 250 thousand videos.

Terra Latin America is the leading internet company in the region. In 2007, Terra Latin America reported $500USD million in net revenues with portals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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