May 14, 2009

Eminem says Elton helped him after rehab

U.S. rapper Eminem says in an essay he wrote for VIBE Magazine's June/July issue he turned to Elton John for support during his battle with drug addiction.

When I came home from the hospital the second time and I realized that I was giving up drugs forever I reached out to Elton 'cause I knew he had a problem before, the rapper said in the magazine's cover story.

We had kept in contact ever since the Grammys, he said. We'd call each other up every now and then, and I went to a concert of his when he came to town -- me and Kid Rock went. I knew he was in recovery and I just wanted to reach out to somebody who was on the same level as far as fame and (expletive) like that go. And just asked him how in the hell he did it. He was really supportive, and still is to this day.

Relapse, Emimem's first album in more than four years, is set for release next week.