May 15, 2009

Touching exhibits OK at Italian museum

The director of the State Tactile Museum Omero says guests to the tourist site in the Italian city of Ancona can freely touch its numerous art exhibits.

Museum director Roberto Farroni said the tourist site, founded in 1993 by two seeing-impaired individuals, offers more than 150 artistic pieces including reproductions of the Venus De Milo and Michelangelo's David, the Italian news agency, ANSA, said Friday.

No other museum offers the seeing impaired such a wide panorama of great artworks, Farroni said.

In addition to copies of known artistic works like the Artemision Bronze, Museum Omero features architectural models and works from numerous contemporary artists.

While the site appears ideally suited for the seeing-impaired, museum employee Mirko Montechianni insists the tactile site can appeal to everyone.

The Museo Omero isn't just a museum for the blind, Montechianni, who organizes events for the museum, told ANSA. It's a museum for experiencing art through touch. People who can see have a lot to learn here as well.